How data is partitioned?



I’m looking into how to organize my data to be used by an application. uses the file-system, making it simple to use because we all understand folder hierarchies; also we can define permissions, etc to them.

My question is:
Is the folder structure the primary way to partition data in a pod?

I guess that people will organize data differently as it happens in the Desktop. How applications maintain consistency?


What do you mean with that? Most people still use a folder structure on their desktop, no?


I mean that different people organize things at distinct locations with distinct names

I was referring to partitions as the datasets to which one defines permissions, policies etc. Perhaps a better name is container.


Related to how people may want to organise their data is how they explore and retrieve it. I put forward some thoughts here which might be of interest:


Hi, I agree with those thoughts, in the real world people organize things in a myriad of ways, far beyond the file structure. I’m wondering what the basic unit that groups resources logically is.

How we define things like ‘music that Alice and Bob like’ to put those in an application (and add permissions etc.)

… what are those? Folders? Collections? Containers? Views? resource-spaces?

A user/developer can define them as files, path patterns or queries in a language the user/developer knows.

just wondering :slight_smile: