A standard in file system

So, my team is developing a decentralized chat and we need to storage the messages you make in your pod. For that, we need to create a folder system.
So, in the first moment i thought about creating the folder of the chat in the ‘/’, but then i saw anybody could see you use the app.
Becouse of that i thought about creating a folder, named ‘apps’ for ex, so my chat folder would be inside ‘apps’, so you could make the access to anybody denied, so nobody can see what apps i am using.
So, my question is, does this ‘apps’ folder has a standar or a name in solid, like file programs in windows?

No, AFAIK, there is no standard folder naming system. But the Solid authorization scheme is more fine-grained than you imagine. It supports permissions based on any agent and an agent can be either a user or app. For example, a user could create a folder “apps” that only they can read and a folder in it called “appA” that only appA can write to. Or you can create a folder like /inbox/ which, by default is readable only by the owner and writable by anyone.

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Yeah, i saw all the things you can do with the folders in the pod. I think we can do a nice folder system for the app, with a good security levels.