Hi from a helpful newbie: general testing offered

Hello, I’m new here. Joined the forum to learn as much as I can about Solid, and in particular I’d like to help out with testing stuff you’re developing, just let me know how.

I’ve used a variety of languages and OS’s over the years to achieve various goals, and love learning new stuff. So please talk to me if you need a hand, I’m happy to train fast if I don’t know something already.



Hi @MattMoose, welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m just starting a Airtable like app based on Solid if you want to contribute https://github.com/scenaristeur/ess-table

The last I’ve build is poPock https://scenaristeur.github.io/solid-vue-panes/ if you got some ideas to improve :wink:

Here is how I start them Portfolio : How to create a Vuejs Portfolio App on Solid + watermark

Feedbacks welcome

@admins We might could use a ‘testing’ and a ‘JSReact n00b’ sub-forum. Maybe?

I’m not gonna lie, JS React is a little painful to learn and even worse to debug. But, once it works then it’s alright.

For now as a newbie I’m just trying to make a basic app and upload it here. It’ll have some text and a button. Maybe a picture, too. I’ll post it on github.