Have you tried Spoggy with your POD+ ML?

Is that on Windows? Doesn’t seem to work for me on Ubuntu.

I am using a Mac so I am not sure about windows @jeffz

Could you please provide some screenshot ?

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Update: I have the Solid-ide kitchen sink on Ubuntu: click in the edit window and press Ctrl-, (ie Control-comma)

My problem was because I’m not using the CDN URLs for ACE and I didn’t have all the ace JS files downloaded.

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Thats great dude, glad to hear you got it! Its a pretty sick editor and has allot of bells and whistles. I am not sure what is up with not being able to edit home pages anymore but, I am working on a forked copy of it and will try to get that feature back up and running, along with some other features. https://mikeadams1.github.io/solid-ide/

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Update re spoggy on SAFE

A couple of blockers have been removed and I can now use spoggy to explore a SAFE web URI such as safe://dweb/ and can expand sub-directories to create a big interactive graph! :slight_smile:

This is only available to me for now, but if anyone is keen to try it out I can upload it to SAFE and let you know what to do to access it (essentially just get SAFE Browser v0.15.1).

Here’s a screenshot of it showing some of the files and folders at safe://dweb/:


Hi @Smag0 - I have checked out Spoggy - and I think it is excellent - this is the way rdf graphs should be displayed.
I will make use of it in my current project. When I will be finished, I will give you link.
Keep the good work!


Hi @happybeing, glad to see that it can be used see on safe too :ok_hand::+1: . Well done !
Thxs @Joytag2.
But be aware that there are some bugs in the ‘Universal browser’ that can be passed by making a copy/paste between 2 input field and in some cases of export / writing data to POD.

I just try to format connexions between tools as I expected this could be . Nothing would be possible without visjs, @jeffz or @RubenVerborgh libs, Polymer web components, and some good advice of others.
I Will soon start a new version of Spoggy trying to make it more easy to use and understand, and including the emerging concept of solid-forms as I tried with Shexy or with ui-ontology… so if someone has some suggestions, or time, let’s make a modular panel that could be standalone and/or integrated in Solid-ui :grin:


A 10min video without sound on ‘How to take notes with Spoggy

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SOLVED: I finally came back to investigate this and the problem was a Firefox plugin: Privacy Badger.

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Hello everyone, I am new here. Interesting thread, thanks for the information :thinking:

@johnmorganhere Welcome Here !