Financial Times / Global Legal Hackathon - using my legaltech project on Solid

I’m participating in the 3-week, full-remote global hackathon, starting Monday.
I have my tech team ready and am recruiting subject matter experts (lawyers) to join as well.
It would be great to have people who have some Solid development experience join us too!
Please reach out to me if you have any interest ->

Should I be cross-posting things like this to Gitter?


Hi Blake,

Fantastic! Curious to hear how it goes. Would you be up for giving a lightening talk on the next Solid World webinar about this?


Hi Mitzi,

Without knowing the details, I’ll say yes!


Fabulous, here it is

Each talk it 9 minutes long. What I’d need from you is a title and a bio and some links so people can reach you and read about the project you will be talking about then I can add it to the agenda.

Okay, I’ll get that sorted and back to you today. :smiley:

Blake Sieders, Legal Technologist (Vancouver, Canada)

I’m a solo founder, mechanical engineering technologist, project & product manager, and former Canadian immigration consultant. I’m very slowly learning coding and no-code tools. I had 15+ years of professional employment in mass and discrete manufacturing prior to becoming a self-employed consultant and then tech entrepreneur. My (long past) experience was in process design & project management related to industrial automation, robotics, PLC’s, and metal & plastics assembly. Now I design web tools for the global migration and immigration industry, and for the future of legal services delivery.

Verity Legal Platform is an open-source, privacy-based web platform for legal services, based on Solid. We’re currently building the prototype and participating in the Global Legal Hackathon.

(Let me know if that’s what you had in mind.)


Wonderful, thank you!

Have a read on the agenda where the copy has been adapted to the format of the other talks. Let me know if you’d like to make any changes.

Look forward to hearing your talk!

I would ask for the change I highlighted below, thanks!

Blake Sieders is a Canadian technologist focused on designing web tools for the global migration and immigration industry as well as for for the future of legal services delivery.

In this talk, he will present the Verity Legal Platform, an open-source privacy-based Solid web platform for legal services that is being built during the Global Legal Hackathon.

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Yes, of course. Agenda is updated :slight_smile: