Filmmakers and the Solid Community

Hello! I’m shifting out of code and into entertainment and looking to connect with other artists in the solid community.

I’m building an application on top of solid where I’ll be storing my screenplays. I’ll also be creating tools for myself adjacent to the creative process, like being able to sketch story board thumbnails in app as embeds to be used later during the pitch process.

Are there other filmmakers working on top of solid already? Shared vocabularies over how we articulate stories will go a long way in ensuring rich interactive reusable multimedia components in the ecosystem.


@tychi - heya, I’m a recovering artist who made a number of films back in the day (for example). Looking forward to seeing what you’re working on.


Whoa! That synthesizer is super cool. I’ve had it playing for the past twenty minutes or so. I’ve got an interactive circle of fifths up at that you might like. There’s a full keyboard below that.

Those are made with web components.


would be the syntax to embed them in them in the hypermedia format i architect-ed.

you can view a raw sample here
and the demo here

you can write your own in browser at (nothing saves anywhere atm)

I watched the documentary as well, great work! I relate to Suit and Tie Guy’s remarks about music evolving out from his approach and style, paraphrased. I felt that way about the web for a long time until I found the right people that helped me realize my style is actually pretty cool and it is totally okay if my stuff doesn’t need a compile step, like oscillators in time.

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