Examples for writing and reading in solid pod



I am new to solid development and i am trying to write a web application which can read and write into the solid pod. So far i have understood that there are two layers of login.

  1. Initial login to the Solid Pod. (needs user name and password)
  2. Authorizing my web application to access the solid pod (needs to use the same account used in 1. - user name and password not required).

I used solid auth client (https://solid.github.io/solid-auth-client/) but its still a bit difficult to understand the write process. Are there any examples for creating directories, writing and reading in solid POD?



You might want to take a look at solid-file-client - it is a layer on top of solid-auth-client that reads and writes files and folders. Also check out solid-ide.


Totally agree - the “update” stuff is very badly documented.

I have tried to summarize my findings here RDFLIB documentation (and in the links from that).

Have you completed the “Build an app in a lunch break”-tutorial? See https://solid.inrupt.com/docs/app-on-your-lunch-break