XML Writing Utility for Solid Pods?

Hey all!

I was curious if anybody knew of any way to read/write to an xml doc, or xml docs, that reside within the solid pod.

Currently, the way I have this setup is through a simple ajax call to a welcoming php script that handles the writing of files on the server-side.

Any information on this would be great!

Thank you, thank you :).

You can use the REST API to put any file to the server

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If you want to edit the file you can use Solid-ide


Or, for something between learning the REST API and using a GUI, https://github.com/jeff-zucker/solid-file-client provides methods for reading and writing files.


Very cool. Thank you for that. I’m going to have to look more into the general solid api for that but much appreciated.

Nice that more of it is up on github.

Ide might be a bit much but very nice suggestion and I’m glad that that’s up there.

Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

404 on that for some reason but I am inclined to look for something between REST and a GUI–as you mention.

Nice to have all of these options available though.

Thank you, thank you :).

Ooops,sorry, fixed the link for solid-file-client above.

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