Email as owner avoid to delete

Some of my Pods have by default my email as owner. Does anyone know why ? :thinking: ?
It’s a little bit strange but when the email +webid are owners, I can’t delete a file in the folder using @jeffz solid-file-client or @Vincent inrupt/solid-client-js . Solid-file-client say ‘are you sure the app is authorized’
If I remove my email in the Acl, then the app can delete, really strange :thinking::thinking::thinking:

  • This is what you can find in root .acl (There is no reason to have email in any other acl file.)
# Optional owner email, to be used for account recovery:
acl:agent <>;
  • I also use solid-file-client in solid-ide and can delete a file in folder root when logged in with the owner webId

That match what you say as I build the Acl of inbox folder with @Vincent solid-client-js method that use the parent / fallback Acl when it does not exist, so the root acl :thinking: … But this way the email does not appear only in the root acl…

If you want to try Popock inbox , I can only delete when email is not in Acl even with solid-file-client or solid-client-js

May be you could be interested with the new extended solid-file-client I just published on as v1.1.0-beta

I includes :

I’m waiting on comments.

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