Databrowser error

Hi all,
does anyone know why I’ve got this error

Error: Message has no link to chatChannel
e.exports/this.propertyTable/< undefined

when i open this resource

stored on this file

This is a basic post build with

Looks like there is a missing link to the main chat object.
If you look at say this chat file as a chat file it has a pointer back to the mother chat object.
inde:this flow:message :5f843367dc95072254cfc258 .
where @prefix inde: <../../../index.ttl#>.

The pointer back to the chat object allows the UI to show the message in context of the rest of the chat.

Thxs but this is not a chat, just a collection of Articles.
Why does the databrowser expect it to be a chat ?

Did you get a chance to figure out your problem above?

When I look at the link you provided I get this with Portal Data Browser:

Also when I use the Portal Data Browser to look at your /.ttl

I am getting something a little different than what you got here: using a regular browser.

If you are using the Data Browser as a web app to look at the object you will get this:

If you use Portal you will get a little more information that may be helpful to your question, like this:

With the new data browser as a web app, you do not get all of the information you may want in a view, such as if you notice, Portal gives you more options with its version of the mashlib code than the modified mashlib code in the code repo on github. Thats why I mentioned on gitter that it appears that Solid is becoming more restrictive but, that just may be me being paranoid lol.

Hi @adventure thxs for searching a fix with me :slightly_smiling_face::partying_face:.
In fact, my question is just why does the databrowser consider that file as a chat file ?
This is only a file with many articles !!!
Is it the name of the file 2020-11-05.ttl similar that the one used by a LongChat ?
Is it the ‘replyto’ predicate ?
I don’t see anything in my file that say the databrowser must use the chat-pane to display it…

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