Real-time collaborative Pod with pub-sub websocket Api


Just a little try of websocket.
Open 2 browser windows to
And when you add a triple ( subject, property, object) on one windows, the change is propagated to the other !


Cool! Works on Chromium.

Didn’t work for me in Firefox. On loading a page a popup says fetch errror TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.

BTW I have been trying to get spoggy to work on SAFE Network - have hit a weird problem so paused for now.


I’ve forgotten to say that for the first implement you don’t have to write the prefix. :wink:

whiteboard.ttl is free open : everyone can read & write, so if you made a misteak, you can fix it through the databrowser or other app.
And to keep an history, I’d like to use @rimmartin solid-fs with something like git commit support