Darcy - social, done proper

Name of Application: Darcy.is
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Application Homepage: https://shepherd.darcy.is
Report issues at: Issues · Darcy-Social/shepherd · GitHub

Description: Darcy.is is a project to create a user-friendly decentralized social network on top of Solid. The current iteration focuses on easy onboarding and understandable privacy-controls. This is a work in progress.

Author Name: Darcy Collective
Author Homepage: https://darcy.is/
Author Contact: christian@darcy.is

Open Source (yes/no): yes
License (if open source): Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License
Code Repository: Darcy.is · GitHub
Donate to the project at: https://opencollective.com/darcy-is
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Solid fellows, team Darcy,
_ would like to express how my Web knowledge about Solid has widen

team Darcy has invited those with a POD to add their Solid cards through their homepage before, which _ was glad to do so!
If _ may, Here is Jollyorcs and ahem ahem ahem an eAIDter’s?

the version of me back then struggles to get what is so special about this POD thing but when _ peeked into nada@Darcy’s public POD activity POD posts there was a seed planted, and GROWING

use Solid,