Conversion of links can now recursively convert all links to solidcommunity.neton .ttl .acl and .meta (all contentType='text/turtle)
It can be run on any pod and from root or on a folder basis. You can make a blank test.
You must login in options and add as trusted app in your pod.

The app can be used to convert links to links in any pod.


Popock migration can convert too

Can detect acl but not convert yet, only TTL files

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Thanks for these tools. I was just wondering if adding an owl:sameAs to the profile would have the same effect in many cases?
I.e. as long as an app loads the profile (which it presumably often would), and the rdf client squashes owl:sameAs, then multiple webIDs should be able to be used interchangeably?

Personnaly, for the apps I’ve developed I didn’t care owl:sameAs so none of my apps will follow it