Connect WordPress Blog with Solid using wp-linked-data Plugin

Some years ago I developed a linked data plugin for wordpress. Yesterday I released version 0.5 with better compatibility to the Solid ecosystem:

You can, e.g. query the latest posts from a blog using LDFlex:


Also you can link your Wordpress account to your Solid WebID profile.

I am happy about any feedback. Please rate at

If you need any help respond to this post!


Hi @aveltens !

It is a great news for me, and for us at Startinblox !

I will investigate that. I had been working on exposing some WordPress data as Linked Data in the WP-LDP plugin (as the main contributor) some years ago too.

And, we have a customer requirements on a paid project for support of WebID-OIDC + exposing some data.
I will definitely try that, and maybe we could work on that together :wink:



Hi @balessan,

we had been in contact about that already, but I paused development during that time.

The plugin is still not my main focus, but if there is anything I could help with, let me know.

You’re right @aveltens, I forgot about our first discussions.

I will have to check what you did regarding the user WEB-ID to ensure I can build on it.