Querying the web of data

I’m looking for a good introduction for how to query things in this new Linked Data / Solid platform world.

What is SPARQL? Intro to the concepts… example of simple applications, etc.

Anyone have good resources, or willing to provide a high level introduction?



I’m no expert but I found Learning Sparql by Bob DuCharme helpful: learningsparql.com

Here are links to some potentially helpful starting points:

  1. Simple Linked Deployment Data Tutorial – demonstrates the “deceptively simple power of HTTP URIs” for Linked Data Deployment (understand and appreciate this and Solid becomes a lot easier to understand)
  2. What is a SPARQL Endpoint and Why is it Important

These are npm packages that may be helpful A query engine comunica


Yes query-ldflex is based on comunica and on the client side react-components are based on query-ldflex . I don’t know if node-solid-server uses it but it doesn’t look like its in the dependencies listed in its package.json .

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