Conceptual Design - Solid better User Experience


It’s a very ambitious project and they are doing several big things at once:

Make a spec for a solid server and prototype. There are still auth issues and issues of data shapes that apps agree on.

Create infrastructure on the client side for an app ecosystem. Its kind of like trying to get a coral reef started. The apps will eventually be much more complex than the servers.

Create a healthy community and establish governance for the above. This is mainly done on github currently. This is also very important and innovative.

They are not specifying the client side infrastructure of apps but we were just talking here about preferences.


The aim is not to conflate, but to show what is possible & how to do things with each framework, so that new comers could use the way they want


And as you certainly know web-components, and other front-end frameworks are compatible, for example, a lit-element can be integrated in React or Angular.
So my question was not to find opposition & propaganda about one or other, but more to find a way how we could use the potential of each for building apps.
If someone develop a component to take pictures with react, i would find cool if I could easily integrate it in an app build with another framework, ( Vue, hyperhtml, svelte…).
That’s the way I think we should see in the evolution of frontend frameworks


For the record, I’ve been advocating for web components or html tags specific to Solid that can be used easily without writing Javascript. Used by everyone for free, and added to or reconfigured by anyone for free, and planned in shared discussions in a public forum not controlled by any one person. I don’t consider that propaganda.

Building an app out of RDF

@tag42git we are on the same way . I used ‘propaganda’ not for your posts, but as a response to @markjspivey that see this discussion :

as trying to conflate such things

But perharps my translation from “french” to “english” is a little to hard :wink:


I want at least most of the conversations about free, open, solid web components here where the conversations are open and public if possible, not on pods which are inherently private. Its not that I want to control those conversations or think that I could control them, or heckle people. I just want the best result. Don’t make me start coding! :weary:


I agree and disagree! Often with myself too. :grimacing:

I think it’s obviously better for discussion and reference here, but it’s against the flow of where we want to be and are heading (decentralised, generating content that is stored as linked data and controlled by the site etc.).

So, being in two minds this raises another question, if not by building and consuming our Solid dogfood, what do we think are the ways to get there? Maybe this just raises the need for a Solid based discussion forum?


Speaking for myself (but I think there may be others that would agree), I am uncomfortable chatting on someone’s pod, where they can mute or boot anybody they want (I would probably get muted, then booted :smile:). If there are public discussions about free, open source solid client software, I think they should either be on the public forum or on some kind of neutral pod where there are ground rules.


We’re drifting off topic here, but I think the chat app can be hosted anywhere, and each person in a chat could be using a different chat app (client / UI) but obvs using shared conventions on create chat/message etc. So I could mute you (as if :wink:) from my feed, but you would still appear in everyone else’s feed. I’m not sure how the existing chat apps work, but I don’t see why chat / forum etc can’t work as I just described.


I understand the other dimension to this, that the ones writing the code feel entitled to choose the audience.

But that makes me feel so lonesome and Away Out There


Please @tag42git, don’t be so lonesome, and give me an help to this experience :

Once upon a time there was a POD named 'Agora' that was totaly open...
So everyone that had a webId could post some though... 

Please accept to be a “poderator” with me and @happybeing on the ‘Agora’ pod.

Let’s create on this pod some structured data about anything, we could first open a folder about the tools to build a Solid app.
Everyone here can express what he’d like to have as SolidTool or what he can provide… in structured data.

The public folder of the ‘Agora’ pod is open to everyone in “write” mode, and we are three for the moment that could delete data if some is not appropriate or move it, manually maintain it,…

give me please a wedId so we could be 3 poderators… and let’s see what happens …

Abnormal response time after sharing

Count me in @Smag0 ! I just got a pod at, so I my WebID is (I think)


You’re now a poderator of ‘Agora’ but there are some mistakes : Abnormal response time after sharing


Ok, great! I made a post there but as you mention it’s kinda slow, still waiting.


Post with plume doesn’t work, as it want to post to your pod. I must review the code so everyone could post with plume. For the moment, everyone can only put manually files on this public pod


With luck just changing the postsUrl (or something similar) in the plume config.txt might do the trick.


I don’t think so, the write is based on the webid. So where is the best place to store the post? On the agora pod ? or on the user’s pod with a reference to it on the agora?


The posts location doesn’t have to follow the WebID, it can be anywhere so you could store them in Agora for everyone, or each user could use their own plume to save their posts on their own pod.


@happybeing, @tag42git, @A_A
I’ve upgrated “Everyone” to “editor”, so that anyone can use plume to post.

here is how it can be seen in Spoggy :
(Use Fullscreen, next click on a postXXX.ttl and use “expand” option)

Using tags as metadata about each post, we could easily regroup posts that take about the same subjects, then navigate following tags of interest… So let’s write other posts, and try to add the tags…

Building a new version so that user can post to his post from Agora’s Plume, but install with zip always have the same problem.
What have you done @A_A to make a “working” plume ?

Some active work on webcomponents here
with code here


Have you taken a look at this comment already? Solid Plume - simple blog app
Copying the files should work flawlessly.

If you mean to upload a different version of Plume (not 0.11) you can also use Solid Copy and solid-local-pod-manager to copy it from your file system to your pod.

I’d advise not to use solid-filemanager’s unzipping (I think I called it “Extract here”), as it is a bit broken with the content-type.