Can we deliberately grow free software communities?

Via @weex on SocialHub I found this great description on how ZeroMQ project goes about community-building. It can be very relevant to Solid community efforts:


What do you mean by “community” here @aschrijver ?

Well, in the broadest sense it includes anyone who wants to see the SOLID specifications to be widely adopted and a rich ecosystem of implementers to emerge, but more practical it involves those people that want to volunteer to make that happen sooner. By fostering collaboration, doing advocacy, reaching out to other communities, organise event, code on common projects, etc.


What @aschrijver said and a rich variety of communication streams so that community members can share knowledge : fora, chat-rooms, newsletters, websites, networking events. And an attitude of inclusivity which encourages everyone to contribute what they can regardless of their background or previous level of involvement.