Can not Login into a Solid application? Tips to solve the issue!


If you’ve suffered (like me!) issues when trying to login into a Solid App with different Pod service providers, there’s a way that helps you be able to let you Log In again: Clear Browser Cache & Cookies.

Additionally @jeffz stated

There is no easy path to being logged in multiple times simultaneously that I am aware of. Solid-auth-client stores authorization tokens as cookies so it’s pretty unavoidable ATM.

Also @JordanShurmer advice:

Using Incognito mode for one login might help

Thanks to @SharonStrats @jeffz & @JordanShurmer for pointing this and contribute on Gitter chat.

PS: I’ve considered interesting to track this issue into the forum :slight_smile: (and will try to help as much as I can from now own).


Also using two browsers e.g. firefox and chrome can work.


The best place to track the isue is :


Firefox has an official addon called Multi-Account Containers which could be helpful to use the same app with different profiles. I don’t know about chrome and other browsers, but maybe they have something similar.


Chrome also allows you to switch between accounts, think that should tie cookies to different sessions.


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And we should maintain an updated list of usefull tools for newbies like your sol-ide, @A_A pod manager…


@jeffz great idea and thank you for offering to help moderate. Gold.

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