Options for authentication in a mobile app


I’d like to let a user log in to a solid pod and stay logged in on a mobile app. The app can’t really use a popup.html so I’m wondering how to best do it.

I’ve seen that solid-cli has a way to get a cookie to send with future requests. Is that the best way to do it or are there alternatives, like perhaps a long life token of some sort?



Solid-auth-cli gives you persistent login and file access to both Solid pods and local files from the command line or a nodejs script and can be used with rdflib and other Solid libraries. It is a wrapper around solid-cli that provides the same interface as solid-auth-client. Let me know if you run into problems.


Hi jeffz - Thanks for your reply!

I looked at solid-cli and solid-auth-cli. They both work well on the command line but unfortunately are not easy to compile into React-Native (which lets you use JS libs but doesn’t give you a full nodejs environment so things like require(‘fs’) won’t work). I considered trying to strip out those bits to get it to work, but it somehow doesn’t seem like the right route to me now that I’ve seen that solid-cli does some clever magic and pretends to be a browser to log in via parsing html and suchlike.

I think I’m going to read about WebID auth and scratch my head about it for a bit longer. It’s not important for me to get this app working. It’s just a simple proof-of-concept sort of idea I’m playing with to learn a bit about Soild.