A list of Solid intro projects has been started

Hei Solidverse,

Last year in the community survey one of the feedback was “More community led tutorials, example apps”. Based on this and the discussion over at ‘Yet another Solid Hello World’ here is a proposal from the SolidOS team → Solid Hello Worlds WebApp.

Solid Hello Worlds collects a list of introductory Solid projects built with diverse stacks. The difference to the App list on the solidproject.org website is that this list is for intro projects meant as archetypes or demos/prototypes. AND also → it is editable by anyone. The community is accountable to edit and keep the data up to date.

I invite you to take a look, use it, and improve it.
My next step with it, is to integrate a link to it on solidprojects.org if it receives good feedback and edits.

p.s. Check out the repo where I list a user manual,
p.s. Since the app itself is built on a unique stack (only HTML, CSS, and RDF) there is a tutorial on how to build examples like it. We go into details about this topic over at the SolidOS blog where we just released a series on Linked Data-driven frontends.

Timea from the SolidOS team

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Hi @Timea some of your links seems to be not accessible

Thanks for the feedback. Now it should work. (forgot to change permissions to the blog post container)
Tutorial link I believe you were trying to access.

http://solidporjects.org/ is wrong too :wink:

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I was looking today twice and I just cannot see the forest because of the trees. Where is the misspelling? :sweat_smile: