I am the entrepreneur inventor of Internet TV. (see: www,johnbentley.biz) which I created in the interests of democracy. I am now retired and interests are in free speech - world peace- data protection - and the career of Francis Bacon aka Shakespeare and his philosophy of a new world order which he proscribed for America in the form of its Constitution and which today is being abused by government and business.
I have recently written a novel on the life of Bacon as a mystery history conspiracy tale(see:www.theroyalsecret.info) which is a story of the battle between good and evil from the beginning of homo sapiens to today and the need throughout the ages for each individual to stand their ground for freedom; today as never before.

Anyone wishing to contact me on this subject matter, which includes a range of material from the plays of Shakespeare, the life of Bacon, the Holy Grail, the Templar geometric discovery of America, Gnosis, and present day politics to the future, I would be happy to communicate with. Meantime I congratulate Solid and Tim Berners Lee on their latest endeavour in the continuation of Bacon’s ideals and wish it Godspeed!

Well if England and Europe hadn’t got hooked on the tobacco craze, Richard Henry Lee of the Virginia’s and Robert Morris, Jr wouldn’t have had the stashes of cash to pay for the Continental Army and we would still be colonies:-)

Bacon was in reality the first born son of Elizabeth 1st and prospective heir to the throne. He was a co-founder of Virginia and his book the New Atlantis was the Founding Father’s template for a monarchy free democracy.