Tim Berners-Lee on TV tonight: giving the annual Richard Dimbleby lecture on his vision for the web

Tonight UK BBC1 at 10:30pm: Tim Berners-Lee gives the annual Richard Dimbleby lecture on his vision for the web (a bit over an hour from now):


wish I could see it

Agreed, me too!

Sorry you couldn’t watch. It was excellent and has gone down well based on my Twitter account. Some comments here on the Solid chat:



@timbl, Jan and I watched with great interest as we knew you well from when you worked for Plessey Control Systems on the Sopers Lane site till the mid 1980s, but not much since your very thought provoking letter around 2000.

Very supportive of what you are doing to create the new web free of big business. I’m new to Solid having missed things at last year’s launch till the lecture.

It looks like a good platform for medical records although scans might be rather too large. I thought when our NHS was computerising records (and failed) that patients should be able to carry them around in some way.

It would be good if an alternative to Facebook could be found. It also seems sensible to be able to publish on the web with proper quoting and traceability back to the original. Quoting if permitted by originator would be properly linked for checking accuracy. News might then be trustworthy.

It would be nice to meet one day.

Great Lecture BTW

Phil H


I managed to see it and was fascinated enough to find out more and end up here!