Who in Europe can I talk to about collaboration?


My firm is looking at how something like Solid can transform business processes within its substantial global client base. I’m sorry to reach out like this but can’t find any other way to contact Solid as an organisation.

Could someone contact me somehow?



Solid isn’t an organisation, so posting here is the right way to reach out to the community, although you should probably also do so on the Solid gitter if that’s what you mean by organisation.

You may though mean the company Inrupt.com, co-founded by Tim Berners-Lee to commercialise and promote the technology and its uses.

There are also other companies and open source projects / communities looking to work with this technology in different ways, and some of them have a presence in the community.

Either way, welcome.


Thanks very much! Apologies for the confusion. Any thoughts on how I might contact someone from Inrupt?

I’m sure @MitziLaszlo can help.

Hi @Jack, I’m in LYON, France… If I could help

Hi Jack,

I’m the Solid Community manager and based Amsterdam. How can I help you?


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Hi! Great - my number is: (+44) 07855470449

I’d love to discuss an idea I have with you.


Great, will connect over the phone.