Solid Speakers List


People that can speak about Solid, online or IRL at events. Try to follow this schema:

  • Name:
  • Company/Organisation:
  • Speaks about:
  • Languages:
  • Contact information:
  • Others:


Name: Eduardo Ibacache Rodriguez
Company/Organisation: Solid Community
Speaks about: Solid introduction, Solid Community, Solid for Entrepreneurs/Investors
Languages: Swedish/Norwegian, Spanish, English
Contact information:
Others: I can speak IRL or Online

Presentation example:


You might also enjoy

  • Name: Arne Hassel
  • Company/Organisation: inrupt
  • Speaks about: Solid introduction, Solid server, Front-end and Solid
  • Languages: English, Norwegian
  • Contact information:
  • Others: Can speak IRL and online


Name: Ruben Verborgh
Company/Organization: Ghent University – imec
Solid experience: in-depth knowledge about vision, goals, architecture, software, …
Speaking experience: 50+ talks, including 20+ about Solid
Speaks about: Solid from start to finish, Research and innovation opportunities, …
Target audience: Broad audiences, companies, developers, researchers, …
Reference talks: FOSDEM 2019Decentralized Web Summit 2018 (with Tim Berners-Lee)
Languages: English, Dutch
Availability: I’m highly booked, so focusing on the most impactful events
Contact: email