Where can I find access to solid tools documentation?

Hello everyone,
I’m a developer and before I began developing something on solid,I’d like to read architectural documents related to tools , pod servers etc . Can anyone tell me where should I look for it.

Thank you

I happened to stumble across this post just now. For those doing so in the future, the main starting point for Solid-related documentation at the time of writing is https://solidproject.org/.

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Regarding architecture, you might find interesting this presentation (https://rubenverborgh.github.io/PLDN-Solid-Kick-Off-2019/#title) where you can see some diagrams that may help you understand the shift from centralized applications to decentralized ones (based on Pod contents) and how these works.

Also, as commented previously by @Vincent, a good start point resource for developers is https://solidproject.org/for-developers

PS: Move with keyboard arrows <- -> to move along the slides :wink:

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I am working on an updated list of tools. Here is a draft version that probably leaves many things out. Feel free to contact me with suggestions. @Vincent : if you haven’t already, please check out this draft and let me know your thoughts.


I already checked it out - looks great though :slight_smile:


Aha. Cool, merged it.

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