What app would you love to see on Solid?

Hi Stitch626,

Do you know if there’s any development in this direction? We are working on such a concept and are planning to build it on Solid.

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Hi Pieterfly,

I have not seem anything like this (a shopping tracker), but I’m still interested. Do you need any help coding it?

I also had the idea of sending my “purchase” emails to the tracker. Whenever I buy something online I almost always get a confirmation email or two - I could just forward these to a known email address which has some logic to parse them and store the purchase info. This will catch purchases on any site, and paid for by any method. Charity donations too.

-JB- (Stitch)

Ecommerce applications, Payment apps like Paytm, GooglePay, basically applications which uses personal financial data.

Re:Github (a forge) needs new paradigms… check ForgeFed who recently received NLNet funding to work on building ActivityPub-support for forges:


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I would really love to see a simple web editor file text files. E.g. an Vim/Emacs emulator for files on the pod. What GitHub - OSC/ondemand: Supercomputing. Seamlessly. Open, Interactive HPC Via the Web does for HPC super computing but then for a Pod.

@hochstenbach - GitHub - jeff-zucker/solid-ide: A syntax-highlighting editor and file manager for Solid data stores. provides the Atom editor for pods an includes vim/emacs key bindings and syntax highlighting. It’s been a while since I worked on it so it may be a little flakey at the moment, but the editor portion should work fine.


Wow that looks exactly what I need . I hope to get it working with my login! @jeffz

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It needs to be updated to use the new auth.

Also, I will soon be releasing Data-Kitchen, a desktop version of the SolidOS databrowser which will let you use local apps to edit pod data. E.g. emacs, protoge, or heck even notepad if you wanted to :-).

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There’s also @jaxoncreed’s https://edit.o.team/, although that too needs to be updated for the breaking auth changes. Essentially, VSCode for Solid Pods.


Given the recent activity to allow using ActivityPub with SOLID, I’d like to see a single user Fediverse instance. Being able to post on your own POD and participate with users on Mastodon, Pleroma, et al would be an amazing use case for new users.


Oh yea, that’s nice! There’s the recent ActivityPods by @srosset81 to consider (it is on our AP developer watchlist). On the ActivityPub Application Watchlist there’s a number of projects specifically suited for lightweight single-user use case. Would be very cool to also see Solid support added in a language impl different than JS.

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Wondering if a capability to:

  • Receive account statements,bills and payment advice
  • Pay bills using established providers
  • Push updates of name, residential address, phone, email address, bank account details to approved parties

would seem interesting to people?

Probably proof of concept only depending upon the robustness of security. Interested in feedback if this idea is in the wrong direction/not suitable.

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Here’s another one: A personal, self hosted Solid Pod server that is bundled as an app to use on older android devices. That way anyone with an old phone, tablet or set top box can have a Pod they have complete control over. I think that this could really drive up adoption, as it would act as a personal web server, online data store, and any other thing you can accomplish wit Solid apps. Also, as with the FreedomBox initiative, a physical server you have in your home is much harder to access without a search warrant.

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If you can get a reasonably complete version of node running on Android, Data Kitchen is just such a thing (locally installable pod+solidos app).


I like that @TheScooterKing. Node on Android was a huge PITA when I looked at it in the past, but I think this situation has since much improved. NodeJS though is not meant for mobile. Better would be if more different lang implementations of Solid e.g. Java, Kotlin, Golang etc. became available to build this stuff. If you come across good node-on-android resources, whould be great if you could add them to the Stackoverflow Q&A.

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Thanks for this. as @aschrijver said in another response, node might be a dealbreaker near term. An old esktop computer would also do nicely for the same purpuse, however…

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Nodejs on Android can be installed with termux

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Could you then run a Solid Pod on a server app? If so, can you recommend one?

Taking a look at @aveltens webclip GitHub - codecentric/web-clip: A Chrome extension to extract structured data from any web page and store it to a Solid Pod.

I’ve seen a ‘npm run pod’ to start a local server with command

'“pod”: “community-solid-server --config @css:config/file.json --rootFilePath ./dev/pod”

To launch community-solid-server