Welcome to the Solid Forum, please introduce yourself here. Great to have you on board

Hi everyone,

I’m Maxime from France, working as an independent research engineer and I’ve just been recruited by INRIA (Wimmics Team) to work on Searching and querying distributed data in a Solid ecosystem.

I’m leading and developing Mycelium since 2019, a SOLID based free software suite of tools for farmers, based on the Data Food Consortium ontology on which I contribute also. This project aims to help farmers with interoperable free and open source software.

I’m also the coordinator and maintainer for the DIYseeds project, a series of educational films on seed production. We already produced 40 short films about common vegetable seed production. It’s currently released into 9 languages under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International license. 7 other languages are being added on our translation platform.

I contribute to the Virtual-Assembly and to Artifaille, a french CHATONS (alternative free web services hoster).

I’m also a little farmer in the Orne (61) producing apples and pears, apple juice and cider within a collective project we started last year. I’m planning to start producing seeds next year. We bought 7 ha with 1 ha of orchard, 1.5 ha of forest and the rest of grassland. Our plan is to plant many trees and plants, make new ponds, install beehives and so on to increase biodiversity and experiment autonomous living and resilience.

I like to play music, various instrument, I released an auto-produced album in the past.

I’m pleased to join you and wish I can contribute to SOLID :slight_smile:

PS: as a new user I was limited to only 2 links, contact me if you want more infromation.


Hello ye all! I’ve been around for a while but was just following and reading. Lately I’ve been starting to actually build upon Solid and I’m on my personal Solid Quest :smile:

I work at the Dutch Landadministration Office (Kadaster) where I’m a Tech Innovator and Solution Architect. I’m very interested in the infrastructure to come in which citizens should have their rights by governing their data and still have governmental services being able to their part of society. I assume this has to improve from the current state towards a more private and yet automated world and I would like to contribute to this by improving the government from the inside out.

I’m a big fan of Open Source Software, Public Code. I’m a developer as well as an architect and I’m very impressed and fond of Event Sourcing (and CQRS). I think this pattern provides many solutions to current issue mainly because it addresses different business concepts which in general are put out of scope; we mainly focus on the current state of a system and not its transitions. Well, I’ll stop here about this subject otherwise … :grin:

Happy to attribute my part to the community and the Solid ecosystem!

Cheers, Marc


Hello My name is Wahed. I am an undergraduate software engineering student. I am very passionate about Solid Pod. I’m thrilled to be following the Solid project and am hoping that I will be able to create Solid apps and contribute to the community.

Currently, I am trying to build a Solid Pod based app. I would love to be part of this family. This is going to be exciting


Hello everyone,

I’m Carlos from Spain, I’m a graphic designer with knowledge in UX Design tools.
I would like to start working with Solid, but I am not a programmer. If any developer needs graphic support I would like to be contacted. We can practice something at no cost.

Regards :smiley:

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Hello to everyone in this chat! I’m a Software Engineer, working with Web Apps. I’m looking forward to learn as much as I can from Solid and its community, glad to have found you! Cheers!

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Hi Carlos, I’m Tim and I’m doing research at Ghent University regarding the interfacing/UX side of Solid. I believe the following Gitter chat might be of interest to you: solid/ux-research - Gitter.


Hi all, new to this forum but have been reading a bit.
I’m not a coder but work in the data side of diversity & inclusion and privacy. I’m very interested in the potential of Solid but am struggling to understand how advanced it is for querying large datsets e.g. say I’m connected to 1 million pods, each representing a unique individual whose given permission to share certain demographic information such as age, and I want to know what % of the 1million people are aged between 50-55.
Is this possible and computationally practical?
Very grateful for any guidance, or direction as to where I can find it - thanks!!


@stockcarracer You should start a separate thread for your question, this thread is for presentations. Your question is probably interesting for more people, so having a specific thread for it is useful.

Thanks @megoth - have done just now.

Hi everyone! I’m Leigh, based in the East of England. I’ve been a computer user for [pauses to count the rings] 40-odd years, and am really interested in data safety, privacy and security; practical implementations of federated and de-centralised services and making systems that work for people, rather than exploit them.

I run a business helping other businesses find practical solutions to making their systems work effectively (https://doublygood.co.uk) and in my spare time (lol) I dabble with Music & VR (though not necessarily at the same time)

I’ve been observing Solid for a while, but now seems like a great time to take the plunge.

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Kia Ora & Hello.

My name is Samir Loumachi and I’m a research partner of Navneet Kumar, founder of Mo Te Iwi.

First of all, thank you @MitziLaszlo for helping us discover a place to start our journey.

Growing up, I’ve always been a fan of Sir Tim Berners Lee and his work on ethical web-use. As researchers for Mo Te Iwi, it was imperative that privacy and ethics, plays a big part in our endeavours.

Gravity Simulated Light & Mushin Framework is part of a series of frameworks developed for our research team based in New Zealand (Aotearoa)

Our parent organisation, Mo Te Iwi is seeking Solid (MIT) and other prospective partners for our scientific endeavours under the model of Pro Bono Humano.

Mo Te Iwi is focused on:

  • Ethical Research in Science & Technology.
  • Environmentally-friendly product development.
  • Sharing discoveries & development with the open-source community.

Please feel free to contact us through our website, and here on the Solid Forum.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from all those interested in building a constructive partnership.

Thank You.

Logo (GSL Tux Penguin) Small

GSL Research Team.


Hello! I am Denis from Russia. A little bit of programmer (in Lisp family of languages), former contact person, local expert and mapmaker on Norway-Russia border (Heisann! Всем привет! :slight_smile: )

I would like to make positive contribution to the development of Solid idea and ecosystem, as in essence it conducts the same spirit, I have had for a long time internally. But paradoxically, I learned about Solid project, not so long time ago, somewhere in December, 2023. Still, before that discovering, I was into RDF and was developing domain-specific language Tabtree, that allows me to work with RDF, taxonomies and linked data just like with a regular code of programming language - right in the code editor, with tens and hundreds of files, compiling, git sourcing and all such stuff.

My dream about Solid is a network of Solid pods with chunks of data, each curated by pod owners independently, but which together works as a distributed wikidata. Say, if I have curated list of universities, you have curated list of computer languages, she has curated list of IT world personalities, etc. we could borrow these lists from each other and build bigger knowledge graph for whatever task we need to solve.

If this idea sounds like interesting to you, or you would like to discuss your ideas on Solid, don’t hesitate to PM me right on this forum. A bit more of p2p communication is nice anyways! :slight_smile:

Tusen takk за внимание!

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