Welcome to the Solid Forum, please introduce yourself here. Great to have you on board

So now I’ll recommend you visiting next post as a starting point :slight_smile:

Welcome to Solid Community @bobdc :slight_smile: Glad to see new users with Linked Data experience coming and interested in ‘Solidverse’!

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Thanks Alex, I appreciate it!

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Hi @Joytag2 , I have built an ember-data-like abstraction to build EmberJS applications on top of SOLID. It has rough edges but the developer experience is rather nice. I never got round to extracting it into an ember addon, but can walk through it and turn it into a library if you’d like.

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Hi Dear @madnificent - when you can do it, the question is: why not to do it ?
I really would be happy if I could test and integrate your addon/library in my Ember.JS projects.
Thanx for asking me @madnificent - you are a GOOD man :wink:

P.S.: Somebody have to write POD stuff for Angular/Vue.js/Backbone/Ember etc. anyway.
You would be the first I suppose

Hello everyone, I am Walter Almeida, have been following the group for quite a while. I am the initiator of a low code platform (www.generativeobjects.com) that I am now open sourcing as I believe we need a fully open source low code tech to empower people to fast create new applications, especially impactful applications. I have been developing this platform for the last 12 years and it is now very mature with many projects built on it.

I love the ethics and vision/mission of SOLID, I am 100% aligned and my intention is to contribute to it with all my skills and energy.

I am now envisioning to create a connection between Solid and Generative Objects in order to have a tool to fast create applications using solid data. So that we can accelerate the deployment of Solid and accelerate the creation of the new web. So that we can reach the critical mass of applications to allow this to happen. This connector will also include the inference of RDF vocabularies to accelerate even more the creation of apps. The objective being to be empower non-tech people to author apps.

I plan to now prototype a Solid connector for GO (Generative Objects) and see where it goes. I wanted first to check with you all and confirm the relevance of such a work. And get some hint about what would make a good POC.

All your feedbacks, suggestions, pointer, support and help are very welcomed !

And I am very excited to connect with you all :relaxed:


Hi !
Hello everyone, my name is Franco and i’m from Rimini (Italy). When I first met linked data I fell deeply in love with it. I am a programmer in my spare time. I made some apps, one using linked data. I think that guaranteeing data ownership and protecting privacy will be the starting point for a clever, free and independent web. Sorry for my imperfect english :blush:


Welcome to Solid Franco! Glad to see you joining the ‘solidverse’ community! Forza! :muscle:

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My name is Hans Croteau. My life has been turbulent. As I child, I stood in awe and wondered how mankind had accomplished the technological marvels that it had. Wanting to do the same, I decided I would become an inventor. Later, I wondered how mankind had managed to avoid its own extinction. Now, I realize that the sixth mass extinction is indeed already under way. I take responsibility for wanting to imitate those who invented technology which may have brought about humanity’s own demise, even if only in part.

In 1999, I designed and patented a self-lacing shoe similar to the one portrayed in Back to the Future, Part II. I expected a cult like following of that cute, benign, and yet awe-inspiring concept. In 2014, Nike, Inc. patented the Mag design, and released its first pair to actor Michael J. Fox on October 21, 2015. It seems even Nike recognized the interest the masses had developed for that shoe. In the process, I learned more than just mechanical design. I learned the harsh political reality that I presume comes with the design of any product. Without teamwork and genuine human connectivity, even the greatest of concepts stand little chance of success. But then again, success is also in the eye of the beholder.

In 2007, my sibling, a contractor, destroyed my elder mother’s home. He stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from her. Litigation ensued. Being my sibling, he had personal knowledge of my trials and tribulations. He leveraged that knowledge to not only defend against his liability to my mother, but to concurrently destroy our reputations. Our lawyers treated the matter as a simple construction defects case, as opposed to the complex financial elder exploitation that it really was. Faced with a slew of fabricated contentious accusations that the judge undoubtedly wanted to ignore, he adjudged both parties to be liars and gave no judgment to either side.

My sibling then sued my mother and me, purportedly for malicious prosecution. Our insurance agreed to defend us, but then betrayed us by paying my sibling $325,000 to settle. We retained a lawyer who then sued our insurance for bad faith. That case was dismissed when we ran out of money. My sibling then targeted that lawyer, again for malicious prosecution. Due to these complexities, that lawyer suffered a debilitating depression. He thus failed to appear at his own trial. My sibling thus obtained a $1.4 million dollar judgment. We had been served with deposition subpoenas in that case. Our insurance had refused to honor its illegal settlement and defend us at those depositions. Our efforts to force our insurance to get us an attorney by challenging the illegal settlement were dismissed without prejudice. We then claimed that the Department of Insurance has a duty to control the misconduct of its licensee, our insurance. That too was dismissed. That dismissal is now pending on appeal in the Ninth Circuit. The California Attorney General will be responding to our claims of judicial corruption on June 9, 2020, and we expect to reply, in pro se, on June 30, 2020.

I do not tell you this story to provoke fear. If it shocks you, I sincerely apologize. I understand if you are skeptical of my claims. Any reasonable person would be. Yet I swear I tell you the truth, and I tell you this so that you can understand my motivation to bring my concept into reality. I published it on my website in 2017, along with my unfinished screenplay. Being that my sibling has corrupt judgments against my mother and me, I pursued my concept under the fictitious name of the character I had developed for my screenplay. Instead of my picture, I represented myself with my red, blue, and green hexagonal avatar which eerily resembles Solid’s purple and white insignia. When I found and joined the Solid community three days ago, I decided to reveal my true name, regardless of any future consequences. I had tried to join several internet communities, but my legal troubles keep dragging me away from my work. None of those communities, although beneficial in ancillary ways, was a fundamental platform like Solid. One last thing. In court papers, my sibling, whose initials are J.C., refers to me as his estranged brother. This is why, hereinabove, I refer to him as my sibling. He is not my brother. If accepted, then Solid will become my family. If accepted by another man whose initials are also J.C., then that man will become my brother, albeit from another mother, and born at a time long, long ago.

Hello everyone,

There is an endless stream of introductions here. Sorry, I did not read it all.

I am not a native English speaker, so please be patient with me :blush:

I have little experience with web development, but I am learning. I am very interested in Solid, both for its powerful linked data technology, and for its political vision of the world, where people are the only things that matter in social interactions.

I hope to be part of this.

https://divoplade.solid.community/profile/card#me (d@divoplade.fr)


Hi all. Thanks for existing! I am interested in Solid. However, I am a non-programmer who designed together with a programmer a tool for non-programmers to create dynamic medical questionnaires: https://mediprepare.1systeem.nl/en/questionnaire/guest/, multilingual replace, f.e. en by nl. This saves a lot of doctor’s time and improves workflows in clinics very much so. This is open-source, if you contact me you get access to the code, named MP50, mediPrepare2050.

As a retired doctor I want to create a solution for the information anemia in healthcare. This tool begins to do that by helping patients to create a professional medical dossier to share with each provider. The idea is a medical solid, not filled with data but with meaningful information. The perfect use case for Solid.

Who helps me to Solidize MP50?

I appreciate the opportunity to be a member of this distinguished forum. Thanks You, hans


Hi all!

This is Pieter, I’m a design strategist from the Netherlands. As a strategist I focus on the business context of product and service design. For over a year I’ve been working on a solution to make last mile deliveries in e-commerce more sustainable and efficient. As you might expect, it’s a hard problem and it’s still not solved.

We did learn however, that the key to creating a more sustainable last mile (and logistics in general) is to get the data-flow right.

The problem with the last mile in e-commerce is that it’s unpredictable. To solve this you can do two things: Either try to predict what’s happening as good as possible, or make the last mile less prone to unpredictability.

Both require (sensitive) data from the receiver, especially if you throw location tracking in the mix (which I believe is not necessary).

Long story short, we shifted our focus from the last mile to the data-flow. Still in the area of e-commerce we are now working on data-containers for consumers to have more control over their customer journey, from discovering new products to sustainable delivery.

We believe Solid could be the way for us to build a scalable business in which we don’t control the data but facilitate interaction between people and businesses (including delivery services).

I’m very curious about your opinion and I would like to get in contact with people who are working on similar solutions (preferably in the Netherlands)

More info at looptogether.nl (also available in English)

Enjoy your day!


Fascinating Pieter,

This is Angel, software architect with a passion for design and founder - ceo of empathy.co

I share the believe that receiver’s location data (beyond address, needless to say) is not necessary to resolve last mile problem.

Interesting to read the shift of focus to the data-flow, and very interested in your work on data-containers for consumers and delivering control over their journey and why not their insights of consumption, habits, trends, etc.

Let me know if you’d like to converse, I see possible options to partner.




Hi Angel, thanks for reaching out! Definitely interested to have a talk. I already saw some of your work in the app-listing (Ohmypod!) and it looks very promising. I’ll send you a personal message, maybe set a meeting next week?



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Hi, I’m a webapp developer who developed a note-taking app that makes it easy to retrieve notes by context; any word in the note, date, or location: [https://serenenotes.hominidsoftware.com/](Serene Notes)

I’m currently developing a replacement webapp that will sync between various devices. I need to store the notes locally in IndexedDB, to support the search functionality. It’s not yet clear to me how well SOLID supports that.

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@DougReeder - If you mean the in-browser indexedDB, that is currently supported by Solid Rest which allows you to use indexedDB and any other storage mechanisms supported by BrowserFS as if they were Solid pods and addressed with rdflib and other Solid frameworks. If you have questions about using it, feel free to message me.

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I’ll take a look - I need the full power of IndexedDB to perform full-text search on every keystroke (as seen in Serene Notes). My goal is have the sync code run in a Service Worker, keeping the local database up-to-date behind the scenes.

Solid Rest would help you if you were doing semantic searches rather than full-text searches, in other words, if you are searching for triples and terms within triples. For full text searches, I’m not sure how Solid relates and you may be better off doing that bit with straight Javascript.

Hello. My name is Gary. I do a range of embedded systems including networking, embedded devices, sensors, actuators, instrumentation, and Linux.

I was looking to update my admittedly dated web programming skills and found this place. I didn’t want to make just another webpage and add to the pile. Solid was a wonderful find and I hope to make worthwhile contributions to a good cause. There is fertile ground here to explore and invent :D. There is also 2 years worth of threads and updates to get caught up on.

My first impressions are of how strong this looks from the outset. I know there’s been two years of more visible activity but you’ve gotten a lot done here in that time. I like the thought challenge this presents :smiley: .


Hello all,

My name is Patrick Hochstenbach, I’m a software developer and digital archivist at Ghent University Library in Belgium. For almost 25 years I’m involved in creating (open source) software for academic libraries and participated in creating protocols such as Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting - Wikipedia and OpenURL - Wikipedia . The last years I’ve spent some time in the LibreCat project (https://librecat.org ) which provides open source ETL tools for library data - Catmandu - a data toolkit - metacpan.org - and an institutional repository solution also called LibreCat.

Starting 2021 I will take a sabbatical leave from my daily work for the library and will start a PhD research on using decentralised web techniques for scholarly publication (registration, peer review, preservation, overlay journals, …) and will join the IDLab group at Ghent University with @RubenVerborgh .

I’m excited to learn more about the Solid project and decentralised web techniques!

Enjoy your day!


Welcome Patrick! Scholarly publication is a topic dear to my heart, so I’m happy to have you here!

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