Using WebID Usernames to create unfavorable search results


I posted in Solid Gitter Chat and figured I may as well put it here also. “This is where there should be a discussion about rating and review pods. How to handle this on solid. Someone opened a solid pod or ten, and created crafty usernames (for seo results) about a business in an effort to create a public review of that company, which falls under Freedom of Speech rights in America, but the review was not pretty. So a lawyer calls up Inrupt and complains about their reputation and all of a sudden, the server is downgraded to experimental and no longer searchable? The power of using a solid pod to create a rating or review of a company, individual, or anything can be pretty sobering if its not in your favor. You can create any type of account like Back that up with some more uri’s to further drive down the spike and create three other pods with similar user names and interconnect them and walla, your ratings pods are on top of google and on the first page of that business name…And what about fake news: what if you get political and create WebID username headlines like or, so should WebID usernames be like a UUID’s to prevent what some would consider spam, or abuse?”

So my thought is, we have to have servers in the Countries of the population they serve. NSS signup should state where the server is located so that they know if they fall under the jurisdiction of the US or some other Countries laws.

An easy way to erode the rights of United States Citizens is to create solid servers in Counties that do not support our laws and rights, and subject us to the restrictions imposed by dictators and leaders that seek to erode our National Sovereignty.


Can Solid Be used as a Social Credit System?

Can Solid Be used as a Social Credit System?