Using Solid with React Native

Hello all,

I am trying to build a Solid app using React Native. I am stuck on authenticating mobile using Android. I have imported the package solid-authn-react-native (GitHub - o-development/solid-authn-react-native: React Native implementations for Solid-OIDC) and am able to successfully log on and authenticate on web, however when I try to authenticate through the Android device, I am met with the error below:
Auth request returned with type: dismiss
at node_modules\solid-authn-react-native\dist\login\ReactNativeAuthorizationCodeWithPkceOidcHandler.js:142:34…

I have properly set a scheme and have all the packages handled to my knowledge correctly. I am asking here before raising an issue on Github in case anyone had encountered a similar issue, as I had not seen anything similar on this forum or others.

Thank you in advance

Pinging @jaxoncreed, author of solid-authn-react-native.

You might like this fork of that package (no guarantees it works) — solid-authn-react-native/ReactNativeAuthorizationCodeWithPkceOidcHandler.ts at master · collaboware/solid-authn-react-native · GitHub

Though, both those packages might break soon as we are reworking a bunch of the internals of authn at the moment. (sorry, but it’s necessary, I promise!)