Easy-to-use login solution for solid react apps

If you want to save some development time and you are looking for a simple login solution then this might be interesting for you. It’s a small react library to quickly bootstrap a solid login flow. You can wrap your entire app in the “PodConnector” component and it will handle the solid authentication for you. You can customize some of the appearance of the component as well as the identity providers that you would suggest to a user.

Here is a little demo: React App
And this is the repo with more information: ludwigschubi / react-pod-connector · GitLab

Feel free to leave your thoughts or other feedback, have a good weekend! :v: :slightly_smiling_face:

You may wish to bind to authn directly, as solid-ui-react has problems. Also look into syncexternalstore it’ll help with the re-rendering problems; but authn didn’t expose the correct state to correctly authenticate in bindings, you need to assume you’re in a loading state until you know otherwise.

I’d also recommend using component props for loading indicates & forms, as to not require pulling in a huge dependency tree that’s potentially incompatible.

It’s a shame Inrupt close sourced PodBrowser that had a fix for a major issue in solid-ui-react’s code.

You’ll also want hooks for restoring state/URLs when transitioning between unknown, Logged out, and logged in states.

(Ref: I used to work on all this code at Inrupt prior to leaving)

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