Solid React sdk, loginbutton redirecting before logged in

I am using the Solid React SDK.
I have a login button that looks like this:

     <IonButton className={styles.solid}>Log In using solid</IonButton>

The first thing that happens on the /my/home route is checking if the user is logged in.

    if(! {
      return <Redirect to="/login"/>;

This always redirects to /login.

If i just log, it is logged twice, once with loggedIn set to false and moments later with loggedIn set to true.

I could add a timeout but i feel like thats a quick and dirty solution, i only want to redirect after i have been succesfully logged in.

Anyone knows how to handle this?

I don’t have experience with Inrupt’s React SDK, but my first intuition would be to check where session is coming from - is that from useSession?

If so, you might also want to check sessionRequestInProgress, and only redirect if that is false and is false.


Yes, its from useSession, ill try it later this evening, thanks for replying!

Edit: worked, thank you!

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This is a known issue in the React SDK, essentially the SessionProvider renders its children before its state is known, i.e., sessionRequestInProgress, and this causes the problem you experienced. Thanks @Vincent for the workaround.

We took a different direction when we had this issue in Pod Browser, and our workaround was more comprehensive: pod-browser/AuthenticationProvider.jsx at main · inrupt/pod-browser · GitHub

We’re looking at improvements we can make it the React SDK.

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