Solid login redirecting too much

When trying to log in in my application using solid (, nothing concrete yet on there), I am getting a message that Inrupt is redirecting too much.

Any help?

What authentication/fetch library are you using to login (solid-client-authn-browser? solid-auth-client? other?) What kind of server is it (NSS?ESS? other?)

I am using the popup.html from here GitHub - solid/react-components: Core React components for building your own Solid components and apps

Sorry, I still don’t know what authentication library or server you are using. Look at the scripts imported in the index.html of your project and you should see either solid-client-authn-browser.js or solid-auth-client.js – those are your authentication libraries. If you installed the server yourself, you should know whether it is NSS (Node-Solid-Server) or something else. If you are using a hosted server, what is it?

solid-auth-client react-components/package.json at 4b8fadc1ebbc4c2d2927f2d28350194f8c3a93af · solid/react-components · GitHub

@KyoSch with solid-auth-client you can login to node-solid-server/Nss like but not to the last inrupt server which use ess (entreprise solid Server) what webid do you use ?

I use

It worked perfectly couple of weeks ago.

Do you have same issue when login to poPock which use solid-auth-client too PoPock ?

Can you try to clean temporary files, or use another web browser? I had some issue sometimes too. Not too much redirect, but difficulties to open popup and cleaning temporary files solved it.

I can login on PoPock, but the error is also gone when logging in my app now… weird.

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