Using RDF for a Public Name System on SAFE

Apologies if this is too off topic, it’s not really a SOLID Q, so much as RDF.

But they bleed together so much, I’m hoping to get some RDF aficionados interested…

Essentially, we’re speccing out our Public Name System on SAFE at the moment. You can get more info on the conversation and links to the RFC over on the SAFE Dev Forum.

We’re attempting to define RDF schema for this, but doing this ‘properly’ is still a murky world for me. So I’d appreciate any feedback from anyone with an eye for RDF detail!

The RFC contains examples and links to the schema. I’m hoping to make it more robust and as valid / sane as we can.

Thanks in advance!


Equally, if there’s a better forum for this type of discussion, feel free to point me to it!

If you are interested in this conversation, perhaps you would be interested in joining the External Interop and Outreach Panel.