Native Support for Linked Data on SAFE Network

Maidsafe are now looking at how to make RDF / LinkedData native data types on SAFE Network, with support for SPARQL queries. So not just Solid, but able to support Solid on a decentralised network, that has no servers to be hacked, secure with end-to-end encryption, built in decentralised id (safe: WebIDs) etc.

More here on the SAFE forum:


Just to mention a new version of the SAFE Browser v0.11 has been released. It includes an RDF emulation API:

It allows applications to create and manipulate data in RDF format. Using this API the applications can see data as RDF triples. The API takes care of then storing the data on the network, and the developer doesn’t need to worry about how to serialise/format it to store it or fetch it from the Network.

And support for WebIDs compliant with linked-data standards

You need to be a Trust Level 1 member of the forum to try it (basically read a few articles for a total of an hour). This is an anti-spam measure which is a pain but necessary.


Further progress on support for Linked Data / RDF and SPARQL on SAFE Network. Here an extract from today’s weekly development update on the SAFE Network forum:

SAFE Client Libs

We have made some good progress with the RDF storage: the experimental proof of concept we have been working on allows us to store RDF triples natively in Mutable Data. This marks a milestone in having native RDF support in SAFE Client Libs (and, consequently, in all languages and platforms we support). When we add SPARQL to the stack, it will bring another standard way of working with the SAFE Network and consuming data. More importantly, it should also bridge the gap between the SAFE and Solid communities. It also allows us to connect with many other projects related to Linked Data and Semantic Web. In the coming weeks, we’ll be talking more about options and opportunities the RDF stack opens up for developers.

In parallel, we have been continuing to work on the high-level RFC that outlines the benefits & challenges of having RDF implemented in Client Libs. As we have considered many options, including supporting RDF at the level of Vaults, we conducted extensive research on the topic. This RFC should conclude that research and move the idea to the phase of discussion and execution. When we feel that the RFC is in a ready state, we’ll put it out for community discussion. Expect more news in the following Dev Update.


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