Data Management on SAFE Network


I’ve been reading discussions around how Solid manages access to data in parallel with similar discussions over on SAFE Network.

Generally I’m confused about how permissions operate and see it as quite difficult to support flexible controls without creating difficulties in implementation, and even moreso in the user experience. How can we build the controls in a way that helps users?

We see how even Google has struggled to do this on Android for example, with very mixed results. So we know it’s a hard problem and it’s no surprise to find ourselves stumbling when trying to figure out the UI for this as we play with Solid, and a parallel process has been under development over in the SAFE community.

It is further complicated when we look at more fine grained data management potential through RDF, where it might be helpful to grant access based on type rather than location for example.

I know this has been thought about for a long time to get Solid to this point, and again in parallel at Maidsafe and in the SAFE community, so it makes sense to compare notes and exchange ideas, give feedback and so on. So I invite anyone who is interested in this area for Solid, to take a look at the following topic that is active right now on the SAFE Network forum.

In part it’s a proposal to try and avoid the locking in of data by making it easier for apps to discover data they are interested in, rather than end up with each app storing data in its own folder, making it hard for other apps to discover. But it goes much deeper and I think will interest folk here.

The first few posts contain some things specific to SAFE but it’s not important that you understand those to follow our contribute IMO, so please take a look.


There was a big and really interesting discussion on solid/chat way back when, a year or two ago, about how a unix-like file and directory structure is just one way to have a human friendly view of the giant graph that is the world wide web. Its all just one big graph with url’s as labels. But the permissions, how to do the permissions.


Actually, Solid’s approach to permissions is based on servers. Wait a minute…servers…hmmm :smile: