User Experience with Solid: remembering the Idp

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to bring up an aspect of the user experience within the Solid ecosystem. As we know, when users log into a Solid application, they’re required to provide their Identity Provider’s address . Given Solid’s decentralized framework, they should be a multitude of IdPs out there, making it somewhat burdensome for users to recall their specific IdP details each time.

Has there been any discussion in the solid community about this particular issue? Looking forward to any insights or previous discussions on this matter.

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Hi thhck,

It should be sufficient if users remember their WebIds. For instance, for me this would be “”. While this is still quite a lot to remember, you could also create WebId providers such as “” or “”, which are maybe slightly more complex than email addresses, but imo still remember-able. I’m not sure if the #me part is necessary, maybe that could be dropped.

The WebId references the identity provider via the <#id> solid:oidcIssuer <https://oidc.example> . triple, so any app that knows your WebId will find the identity provider

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There is a topic where we discussed UX of logging in overall, and we briefly touch on this particular issue: Has any work been done to standardise UX patterns for logging into Solid applications?