Updated List of Solid Tools & Libraries

I am helping to update the list of tools and libraries for Solid. Please take a look at the tools page and let me know about any changes or additions. Apologies in advance for any inadvertent omissions or errors.

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under rdf tools and libraries:

RDFShape: RDF playground


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Most of the libraries/apps I contributed to were just to try things out and are more of a PoC. So they are not well maintained. If you want to include them, here are the ones I worked at:

I try to keep solid-filemanager up to date, but the others are pretty much in an unmaintained mode. If an issue is opened I will probably fix it, but definitely not proactively.


Solid IDE url goes to solid-auth-client page :slight_smile:
Edit: Shighl looks really cool. I didn’t know about that library.

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@MitziLaszlo and @Vincent - given Otto’s statement above, how do you think we should handle these? Omit them because they are not maintained? Put in a section “orphan (unmaintained) packages” ?

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I’d say usefulness is more important than whether maintained. Someone can always pick something useful up and start fixing it.


Maybe they could be labelled “Maintainers Welcome”?

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Yeah definitely make sure to make it explicit, so that section sounds good. I’d only label them “maintainers welcome” if Otto is actually prepared to transfer maintainership :slight_smile:

At some point in the future I think it might probably make more sense to have something maintained by the wider community similar to the many “awesome”-lists, where the website might just make a smaller selection of vetted tools, but at present we’re small-scale enough that this list can be comprehensive in my opinion.


Nobody should have to worry that their ownership will be hijacked :slight_smile:

Maybe 4 categories?:

Proactively Maintained and Enhanced
Reactively (sorry to MZ, but we need that word) Maintained
Maintainers Needed

This link is now at solidproject.org/2019-01-01-00_overview.md at main · solid/solidproject.org · GitHub

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Thanks, good catch. I changed it in the top post.

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