Solid Tools And Libraries - listings updated

If you are a developer, please check out the newest Solid Tools & Libraries page. It has been updated with some new libraries, reorganized. and we have tried to remove libraries that are no longer supported.

If you have a tool or library to add, a suggestion about the organization of the page, or a typo, please submit a PR to that page. If you have questions or less formal suggestions, I’m here, message me!

If you are the author of a library previously listed that was dropped and you feel it should not have been dropped, please contact me, I may have omitted it inadvertently.


Seems that N3 is missing and also a category or subcategory for programmatically create acl’s

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@bourgeoa I’ll add N3, thanks. Wouldn’t “programatically create acls” fit under “Authentication and Access Control Libraries”. Are there so many of them that they need a category on their own?

Yes your are right