(UPDATE) POD-CHAT Messenger 2.0 (Solid Pod Messaging App)

The chat has been implemented on the basis of SolidOS. You can read a chat created with SolidOS with POD-CHAT and vice versa. From what I’ve seen, Liquid chat also uses a SolidOS based data structure. In my opinion, what has not been possible so far is the use of different chat clients within the same conversation, because on the one hand the exchange of notifications is implemented differently and on the other hand each client uses its own additional attributes for the chat messages. Furthermore one has to take into account that a SolidOS or LiquidChat client can read a chat created with POD-Chat, but the user will only see his own messages, since the concept of a decentralized chat does not exist in SolidOS or LiquidChat.

Since the decentralized approach has already been positively mentioned several times, a discussion should actually be opened on this topic and the projects mentioned brought closer together.

No, not so far. In the first step we want to create a stable application. As soon as we have managed to do this, it is of course also quite possible that, based on the experience we have made, we will decide to outsource general-purpose code to an extra library. But it is still too early to be able to make any statements.

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Thank you for your feedback.
Issue 1 Sounds like a bug. We’ll have to analyze it in more detail. I’ll create a new issue in github for that.
Issue 2 might have something to do with SolidOS’ expectations of the respective data structure. Unfortunately, there is not yet 100% compatibility with other chat clients.