Unique Tagging (discoverable)

Hi. Been learning Solid for a short time and searching widely for resources.
The first hurdle one encounters is a discoverability issue. Since the acronym SoLiD is a noun and adjective, it’s therefore a common descriptor among all topics. A Google search of “Solid” has close to 2 Billion results.

Rather than suggest the name itself is problematic, the answer is social tagging with a unique identifier. After some tests the tag “unsilod” seems fitting. Google auto-suggests it’s a typo of “unsiloed” which is a term that kinda crops up in Solid presentations. (ie. removing data from silos)

Note: the lack of an “e” reduces search results to near zero, and it’s an anagram of “unsolid” making it memorable enough. Otherwise “unsiloed” is equally unique at this stage. If we collectively use consistent tagging it would really help new devs find what they’re looking for!

I fork a lot, so here’s an example: https://github.com/topics/unsilod

Do you prefer “unsiloed” or “unsilod”?
Any thoughts on a better tag?

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‘soild pod’ searched on google, bing and duckduckgo gets me a lot of inrupt and solid links at the top

“pods” made me think of the origin of “podcast” (iPod / broadcast) :iphone:

And there are S.O.L.I.D. Programming Principles and SolidWorks. They have higher ranking than inrupt solid at this moment.

IPFS’ search result has a financial company at the top, but it has huge knowledge card at the side.

While Solid’s knowledge card is small.

Does that mean solid’s web site is not “semantic” enough?

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This is the search result for me in Google .

Well, the more natural way of making the search engine visibility is to help the technology grow and prosper. Imagine how google listed by the keywords of “Python”, “Fedora” or “Angular” in their first years.

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