Trouble with "Make A Solid App On Your Lunch Break"


Tried the tutorial here:

for my POD

I created a folder named “documents” within my public folder. Added these folders and html files:

  • index.html
  • popup.html
  • scripts
    — jquery.js
    — main.js
    — rdflib.min.js
    — solid-auth-client-bundle.js
    — main.css

After step 5, things got wonky:
… "index.html " was renamed to “Profile Viewer”
… “popup.html” was renamed to “Select your Identiy Provider”

In a later step, I had trouble adding a file to “documents”:
… failed to upload (Payload To Large)

Tried deleting some items from my public folder but that didn’t help. I still get the error message:

Upload: FAIL, Error: Error: Web error: 413 (Payload Too Large) on PUT of

I’ve uploaded larger image files, so I’m not sure why this error occurs.

It would be good to know if that tutorial is still valid.


I think you are supposed to place those files on your own web-server - not in your POD. You are trying to build a web-app running in the browser and that needs a backing webserver to serve the files from. Maybe you can use your POD dataspace for it, but it sounds like asking for additional trouble.