There currently is no way to change resource's ACR

Hello everyone I have a huge issues regarding changing the ACR of a resource.
I am using a pod that is hosted on
I am tying to apply some access policies on a resource, as far as I understood, in order for policies to work for a resource, they should be listed in the “root” policy of a resource, ie the policy with url:
in which there is a predicate:
and the policy that you want to apply for the resource should be an object of this predicate.
The problem is: there is no way to actually update this and store on the pod.
for example:
you do changes, add your policy and your updated resources acr currently looks like this:

how it should be

as you can see the policy that I want to apply to this resource is listed where I want it to be.
Next when I try to save the changes on the user’s pod
the changes just aren’t there.
I tried to use all the possible provided methods:

  const updatedResourceWithAcr = await acp_ess_1.saveAcrFor(
        { fetch: fetch }           
const updatedResourceWithAcr = await acp_ess_2.saveAcrFor(
      { fetch: fetch }         
const updatedResourceWithAcr = await saveSolidDatasetAt(url, updatedResourceWithAcr, 
{fetch: fetch});

Not a single error is thrown after I perform these operations.
in all 3 cases the returned Resource (ie updatedResourceWithAcr) is of the way I want it to be (ie with my policy listed)

but once I fetch this resource:

    let ds = await acp_ess_1.getSolidDatasetWithAcr("", 
{ fetch: fetch });

my policy disappears for ds and it now looks like this:

no changes


This fact pretty much makes it impossible to define any sort of access to the resources hosted on pods that utilize ACR.
Is there something I am missing?
Would be really glad if someone could help me to fix.