Symptom: Access to Main ("index") Page Denied for Owner's WebID When Setting Up a Solid Server on a Windows Machine

well java way still needs a conversion to pem so it isn’t the way to go

Which cmdlets exactly do you mean?

As far as I do not understand, there is one and only one (Windows) command, an npm command line client cmdlet with the parameter test and, insofar as apparent, with input from a correctly located JSON file, for (self)testing the Solid server installation as a PODS instance; for Node Solid Server (NSS) 4.2.0-rc.0 cf. this reference post, crashing with 12 info lifecycle solid-server@4.2.0-rc.0~standard: Failed to exec standard script, cf. ibidem.

In my fork of node-solid-server

which calls

for running in a developer environment

call .\bin\solid-test.cmd start --multiuser --port 8443 --ssl-cert C:\NodeProjects\pmc.cert --ssl-key C:\NodeProjects\pmc.key --root .\data

@rimmartin, good morning… As far as I can say, you can run your Solid installation, can you?

If so,

  1. You have locally tested the installation.

    Is this correct? If so, what was the test result?

  2. Can you reproduce the symptom at hand?