Exposing the Solid Server

Hello everybody.

So I am trying to install a Community Solid Server on a remote Linux machine. When I run the community-solid-server command it starts running, it is accessible from localhost:3000, and allows me to create pods. But when I try to access it from outside by typing “:3000” it says

Community Solid Server

Request received for an unsupported path

When I try

community-solid-server -b

it says Invalid URL, if I try

community-solid-server -b :3000

It says NotFoundHttpError.

What to do? I want to be able to access my server.

Have you tried community-solid-server -b https://server.example:3000/?

Yes. It says NotFoundHttpError.

Try asking the maintainers at CommunitySolidServer/CommunitySolidServer · Discussions · GitHub