Community Solid Server Request received for an unsupported path

Hi Team,

I was trying to configure Solid server on Ubuntu 20.04 & 22.04 in Digital Ocean Cloud using the docker method and getting the error “Community Solid Server Request received for an unsupported path”, Here is the instruction I have following to install docker and configure Solid Server. Can anyone help on to fix it ?

1, Installed docker
2. community-solid-server VIA Docker

git clone GitHub - CommunitySolidServer/CommunitySolidServer: An open and modular implementation of the Solid specifications
cd CommunitySolidServer
docker run --rm -v ~/Solid:/data -p 3000:3000 -it solidproject/community-server:latest

root@solid:~/CommunitySolidServer# docker run --rm -v ~/Solid:/data -p 3000:3000 -it solidproject/community-server:latest
Unable to find image ‘solidproject/community-server:latest’ locally
latest: Pulling from solidproject/community-server
ca7dd9ec2225: Pull complete
55371e6747e8: Pull complete
694d6b1b2d1b: Pull complete
71f41f5ff77d: Pull complete
1547c905b63d: Pull complete
0c20f3c089e8: Pull complete
304acf2a4099: Pull complete
94451bdf719e: Pull complete
7053df130e9d: Pull complete
de09a74e25bc: Pull complete
26b60fcd0b45: Pull complete
d75d2f13462b: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:17b66ada1d0b106e3ace2c332f97afec6e635d1747b132ce6cbff2a2767259a3
Status: Downloaded newer image for solidproject/community-server:latest
oidc-provider WARNING: Unsupported Node.js runtime version. Use ^12.19.0, ^14.15.0, or ^16.13.0
2022-12-05T07:37:08.906Z [Components.js] info: Initiating component discovery from /community-server/
2022-12-05T07:37:10.056Z [Components.js] info: Discovered 158 component packages within 1296 packages
2022-12-05T07:37:10.060Z [Components.js] info: Initiating component loading
2022-12-05T07:37:26.323Z [Components.js] info: Registered 745 components
2022-12-05T07:37:26.334Z [Components.js] info: Loaded configs
2022-12-05T07:37:33.959Z [UnsecureWebSocketsProtocol] {Primary} warn: The chosen configuration includes Solid WebSockets API 0.1, which is unauthenticated.
2022-12-05T07:37:33.961Z [UnsecureWebSocketsProtocol] {Primary} warn: This component will be removed from default configurations in future versions.
2022-12-05T07:37:34.107Z [BaseHttpServerFactory] {Primary} info: Listening to server at http://localhost:3000/

On browser - http localhost:3000/

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Did you try to set the base URL of your app (--baseUrl)? It is required, and will default to (IIRC).
If you use Nginx reverse proxy, the situation will be more complicated, and would depend on your configuration.

Though, I never used the docker container, so maybe this is a different problem.

I have been getting the same issue for days, were you able to resolve this in the end?