No permission to access own resource


I just installed the 5.0.0 version and testing it. When i try to delete my account, it gives the following error

You are currently logged in as , but do not have permission to access .

Anyone came across this error? Why am i not allowed to access my own resource?

Same on my side, I’m testing a local development App, got:

You are currently logged in as,\n but do not have permission to access

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Look at

starting from version 5, third-party apps are untrusted by default. To trust a third-party app, before you can log in to it, you first need to go to your profile at (important to include the β€˜#me’ there), and then hover over the β€˜card’ header to reveal the context menu. From there, select the β€˜A’ symbol to go to your trusted applications pane, where you can whitelist third-party apps before using them. See also solid/node-solid-server/issues/1142 about streamlining this UX flow.


thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Have you come across this problem as well? -Version 5.0.0 problems - Solid-Auth-Client - Not working in Chrome