Storage of application-specific settings

Are there any suggestions/guidelines regarding where to store application-specific settings for a user on his/her POD? For example, the theme of an application, the size of the font used, and the language. Is this also determined via pim:storage?

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There is a similar question here Standard location of personal photos? - it also touches on the “where should apps store their data” question (no answers given though).

I see. I also check out this part in the spec and it seems that we should be able to define workspaces per type of application for example. Like, I want to store my social media stuff in Workspace A (which has certain default settings) and my game save data in this Workspace B.

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Does this mean that each workspace has a:



Also, what would be the type of a workspace?

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Hi Cristian,

For this I think it’s best to have a look at the pim ontology itself. A workspace is of the type pim:Workspace (They use prefix ws in their ontology file.) But to honest, it would be could to have an example of how to use the ontology. At the moment it all feels a bit too abstract to me

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Ok, so, just to be clear, Solid does not use the concept of Workspaces any more.

Are there any suggestions/guidelines regarding where to store application-specific settings for a user on his/her POD?

There aren’t guidelines on this yet. So you basically have 3 choices:

  1. Store it in the /settings/ folder.
  2. Store it in a folder the app has created.
  3. Use the (still experimental / in proposal stage) App Config Discovery mechanism.

Didn’t know that. Thanks for letting us know!

How do you get to this settings folder via the WebID? Like, for the inbox we can find it via ldp:inbox.

Nice, looks promising!

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What does that mean? I am trying to learn about pim:storage, where to store app data and how to ask users where to store data. I found this document in the solid repo:

Is that what you say is not used anymore?

On that topic, is there any versioning of the Solid spec of some kind? How can I know what is supported and what isn’t in a server?

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Ah, no, that’s just referred to as “storage”. There used to be a separate triple that was explicitly called Workspace, but it was deprecated. So, to be clear, pim:storage works, and should be the thing to use.

Heh, good question. So, the Solid spec document itself is versioned. Look at the top of - currently it says Current spec version: v0.7.0.
There’s currently no mechanism in Node-solid-server, for example, that says “This implements version X of the spec.” But that’s mostly for convenience – the same team edits the spec and implements the server, so basically the idea is - the two are roughly up to date.
Not ideal, but there you have it. :slight_smile:

Thanks, good to know that pim:storage is okay :). Today I found this issue, so I guess that knowing which version a server supports is on the way: