updated to NSS 5.6.12, too

hey everyone. has been updated to the actual version 5.6.12
following some notes concerning the impact on users.

Owners of Pods on with an index.html file located in the root of their Pod (ex: : your first page on the Pod will change. Previously the index.html file was provisioned with a login button which will no longer work due to the authentication library upgrade. Upon release, we have been running a server script to rename all existing index.html files in the root of Pods to index_1.html. If you wish to get your index.html back, you can remove any login code and buttons from the document and then rename it back to index.html. Unfortunately, there is currently no easy way to provide a login button on a pod root index page.

(note: the renaming of index.html to index1.html only applied for 2 out of 1700 users, namely @schizo and @markcay)

this was technically necessary. we apologize for the inconvenience.

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Nice to see you moving forward @ewingson - good work.

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it’s an honour as well as a pleasure to work for Solid, on the two servers and in the DEIT. collegial greetings.