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Hi, during the month of November I’ve been posting on Twitter a cartoon version of my own notes learning about Solid the last few months: “Solvember”. These cartoons could provide an introduction for people who are new to this project or want to learn more about how Solid can be used (in my case in academia).

The cartoons are published here : Solvember

And were made available on my Twitter feed: (yes, I know the irony of posting these things on Twitter of all places).



Thanks Patrick. I’ve really enjoyed the series on Twitter. I particularly enjoyed the comics that mentioned the relationship with Blockchain and IPFS which confirmed how I had been feeling about those technologies.

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Glad to hear you enjoyed them :slight_smile: ! It helped me to explain to myself what it is all about.

Oh my, that’s a wonderful way to introduce people to the technology. Fantastic work @hochstenbach!
I posted this to the Fediverse.

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Very nice and inspirational @hochstenbach :heart: I felt to blog about it Alice und Bob entdecken Solid | Datenwissen (german only)

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Ooohh you are the one from Programmierbar! I’ve listened to your episode. Love that show! @aveltens

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Great to hear that :relaxed:

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I’m getting a 401 on the Slovember link.

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Aie, for some reason indeed the permission were closed for the world. Thanks for noticing this!

Sorry about that! It’s due to the recent PodSpaces migration, the permissions system changed across the two versions, meaning previously public content now defaulted to private.

Nice. Thanks for sharing!

Solid the Comic has moved to a new address (the links on changed anyway):